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The mission of USA Dodgeball is to promote and develop the sport of dodgeball across the United States. USA Dodgeball believes in the numerous benefits of dodgeball and it is our mission to provide the communities with a fun and safe environment which exemplifies a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship. We aim to foster friendly competition at various levels of play, while encouraging both teamwork and camaraderie. USA Dodgeball strives to be an all inclusive organization which reaches players across a broad spectrum. USA Dodgeball aims to unite the nation under a governing body that gives a voice to many organizations who share our goal of developing and promoting the sport of dodgeball.

Mark Acomb

Jake Mason

Kate Kerins

Felix Mason

Alex Benepe

Jake Mason

Jake is the founder of WeHo Dodgeball, one of the largest dodgeball leagues in California. He has been a member of the dodgeball community since 2008 when he first put on a striped shirt and short shorts for his first team. Since then he has been actively involved in almost every aspect of dodgeball nation-wide including the Elite National Championships, UDC, The San Diego Classic, as well as the WDBF World Championships in Melbourne and Toronto. Jake also runs the Sin City Dodgeball tournament in Las Vegas which is one of the largest tournaments, as well as the largest LGBTQ dodgeball tournament, in the world.

Kate Kerins

Kate started her dodgeball career in 2009 after being discovered while waitressing at a Texas Roadhouse. She fell in love with the sport and community aspect of it immediately, and went from playing one night a week to four nights a week. In October of 2011 she started planning a trip for her and her friends to compete in a national tournament held in Las Vegas, and in 2012 Davis Dodgeball and the Badgers competed (and got destroyed) in their first major tournament outside of their home league with Social Boston Sports. When Kate got back to Boston she reached out to SBS and told them they needed to run 8.5” rubber leagues with barricades in actual gyms. They decided it would be easier to hire her as a contractor and just get her to do all the things she was demanding. In May 2014 she left a career in non-profit fundraising and started working full-time for SBS. Fast forward to 2017 and now Kate runs Social Boston Sports, which recently became part of the Volo City family. Kate is proud to have helped organize Elite Dodgeball Nationals in Boston this past August, and is grateful to have been recognized as the People’s Champ.

Felix Perrone

Felix began his dodgeball journey in 2004 as a young lad, but really started focusing on developing the sport of dodgeball in 2009 when he took on administrative roles within the National Collegiate Dodgeball Association. Putting efforts toward legitimizing the NCDA, he has worked with several amazing people throughout the years to become the premier governing body for competitive collegiate dodgeball in the United States and was granted 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in 2014. Since Felix joined the NCDA in 2008, the organization has almost quadrupled its membership and is seeing increased amounts of interest in starting new teams every year. In the NCDA, Felix has held the administrative roles of League Expansion Officer (2009-2013), Director of Nationals (2011), was the first elected Treasurer of the organization (2013-2015), and is currently serving his second term as President (2015-present). He is very excited to work with yet another incredible team to really bring together all forms of dodgeball and dodgeballers across the country.

Alex Benepe

Alex is the creator of international, competitive real-life quidditch, a full-contact gender-integrated sport. He and his friends invented the rules in 2005 at Middlebury College, and he founded the International Quidditch Association (IQA) in 2009 and then branched off to US Quidditch in 2014. USQ grew under Alex’s leadership from 20 students playing on a single college quad to a fully incorporated national sports league with more than 4,000 members, 5 full time staff, over $400,000 in annual funding, and a dozen championship events with major municipal partners annually. The IQA has gone on to host its first true World Cup in 2016 in Frankfurt, featuring 21 nations and 3,000 spectators. Alex serves as an emeritus board member for USQ and full board member for the IQA. Currently Alex is the Senior Director of Innovations for Sky Zone, an active entertainment center, where he is focused on creating and deploying major new attractions, programs, and sports in Sky Zone’s 200 locations globally, which serve 17 million guests each year. At Sky Zone he has overseen the Ultimate Dodgeball Championships, a global trampoline championship with hundreds of teams, featured as part of multi-year deals on ESPN and Snapchat and earning over 150 million views annually. He also over saw the development and launch of the Sky Zone GLOW program, a weekly blacklight party at Sky Zone that has deployed in 116 locations and served over a million guests. His current project at Sky Zone is SkyWars, a battle game on trampolines played with Nerf blasters. He is very excited to apply his experience to USA Dodgeball, working with an awesome, passionate team to unite and grow the sport nationally in the US.

The USA Dodgeball Premier Tour is the flagship event series for USA Dodgeball, the national governing body for the sport of dodgeball in the U.S., that is hosted across the country. The Premier Tour invites the country’s most competitive dodgeball athletes to participate in one of the most fast-paced sporting events, spanning several divisions within women’s, men’s, and coed teams.


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USA Dodgeball Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in California.