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January 2023 Newsletter

January 9, 2023

Here's the latest newsletter from USA Dodgeball! -

In it, we introduce:

Premier Tour Changes, New Committees, and how to apply for Team USA!

January 2023 Newsletter

December 2022 Newsletter

December 9, 2022

Here's the first edition of our monthly newsletter! Please take a look, check out the links to the surveys, and give us your opinion!

Premier Tour Survey:

Volunteer Interest Form:

National Team Committee Roles:

National Team Committee Application:

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December 2022 Newsletter

USA Dodgeball Executive Board Voting Results

October 17, 2022

Congratulations to the new members of our Executive Board!! Alfred Kwon, Samantha Sayward, Joe Colella & Nick Factoran will be joining current and remaining board member Kate Kerins. Thank you to all our candidates for running! We encourage you all to reach out to the board about ways to be involved in the future to keep uplifting each other and the sport! We’d also like to thank our members for reaching out to candidates, reading their platforms, watched the forum and, finally, voting! There is a lot going on as we wrap up the 2022 season with National Championships coming this week. Below is a timeline of events for transition of power and handoff activities that will be conducted so that the new board is fully prepared for their roles.


* Winners will take office on Nov 1 (the beginning of the next fiscal year)

* Board members not returning will be officially relieved of their post on Nov 1, but will remain on the board as non-voting members through the end of November to assist with the handing off of accounts and to do new-position training.

* Newly elected board members will vote amongst themselves for President & Treasurer

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USA Dodgeball Executive Board Voting Results

Team USA Foam & Cloth Teams Announced!

May 26, 2022

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FOAM & CLOTH SQUADS!!! We are thrilled to share this with you all and look forward to heading to the Dodgeball World Championships in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to defend our foam gold medals and go for gold at the first cloth divisions! Get excited! Get pumped! Let’s go!

Women’s Foam:

Alyssa Pandolfi

Ashley Cook

Azalea Donche

Brenda Kramer

Bryanna London

Crystal Briones

Joanna Muñoz

Karina Amezcua

Kate Gong

Katie Sanchez

Lauren Hoffman

Taylor Green

Sam Wurster - Alternate

Men’s Foam:

Alexandros Simos

Andrew Ketchum

Austin Morley

Demontae Cleveland

Dylon Cruz

Elijah Hashimoto

Eric Jones

Jake Hebert

Jeff Giovinco

Lucas Boyle

Matt Levine

Niko Nodal

Cody Stidham - Alternate

Women’s Cloth:

Alaina Meeks

Emily Ferrell

Heidi Chou

Jenny Hodge

Jess Sexton

Jo Chan

Lisa Fox

Louanne Wiegand

Nicole Chasin

Sam Hutter

Anika Wijangco

Kayla Sison

Michelle Radley - Alternate

Men’s Cloth:

Billy Schmitt

Brandon Kelley

Casey Moses

Glen Spejcher

Jaquan Moore

Joey Kramer

Justin Payan

Kris Dejesus

Ruwan Chapple

Tyree Frazier

Vince Marchbanks

Von Kelly

Cameron Parkey - Alternate

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Team USA Foam & Cloth Teams Announced!

Team USA Combine Invites Announced

March 29, 2022

Invitees for the Team USA Dodgeball Combine Announced

Los Angeles, CA  – USA Dodgeball publishes Foam & Cloth Invites for Combine happening in Denver, CO.

We are excited to release our combine invitees for the FOAM & CLOTH DIVISIONS!! There is so much talent coming out of a 2 year hiatus of dodgeball! Having only had a few months with limited events to prepare wasn’t the ideal way we wanted to be scouting or fielding a team, as it rushed a lot of efforts, however, you all SHOWED UP. The talent pool is very deep and we are excited to see what these invitees can bring to the Combine in Denver this May. 
Our FOAM combine will take place on May 7th, with CLOTH on May 8th. 

Please help us extend our support and congratulations for these players as we prepare for Edmonton 2022!!

Team USA Combine Invites Announced

USA Dodgeball moves Team USA Combine in response to discriminatory legislation in Texas

March 15, 2022

USA Dodgeball cancels Texas event for anti-LGBTQ+, anti-abortion legislation

USA Dodgeball cancels Texas event in response to anti-LGBTQ+, anti-abortion laws

Los Angeles, CA  – USA Dodgeball is increasingly alarmed by the anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-abortion legislation that has been proposed or passed in several states, including Texas.

USA Dodgeball is committed to fostering and growing the sport of dodgeball throughout the country and providing a safe environment for all players. The recent directive from Gov. Greg Abbott to investigate families of trans youth for criminal child abuse goes directly against the organization’s code of ethics. In addition, we believe SB8, the state law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and allowing lawsuits against medical service providers, is unconstitutional.

Dallas was set to host the 2022 USA Dodgeball combine May 7 and 8, bringing hundreds of players and thousands of dollars to the city’s hotels and restaurants. Although USA Dodgeball will still hold a regional event in Dallas to support our local players who are fighting for change where they live, we cannot, in good conscience, bring a national event with real economic impact to Texas while these things are happening.

 “We strongly denounce any and all legislation that infringes on the basic human rights of our diverse community. We know our members feel passionately about these issues and this is an opportunity for all of us to come together to promote change.” said Jake Mason, USA Dodgeball President. “We hope that other organizations will do the same and that the loss of economic impact, large and small, will push local legislators to speak out against these laws.”

The event, which serves as a try-out for TEAM USA,  will now be held In Denver, Colorado at the Courts Sports Complex.

If you are a resident of the state of Texas, we urge you to contact your state senator as well as the governor’s office to voice your opposition to these bills. Here is a template letter, which can be personalized. In addition, our friends at US Quidditch had their DEI committee produce a workshop earlier this year on how to write to your legislators, which can be viewed on YouTube.

USA Dodgeball moves Team USA Combine in response to discriminatory legislation in Texas

2022 Premier Tour First Rounds

January 26, 2022

LOS ANGELES, CA – USA Dodgeball, the governing body for the sport dodgeball in the country, has announced their first six events of the 2022 Premier Tour

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we figure out what is going on around the country and attempt to plan events. Even though Omicron is still prevalent, we have been able to start securing a few spaces for our first six events of the 2022 USA Dodgeball Premier Tour. All players must be fully vaccinated, per our Vaccine Requirement Policy, and members of USA Dodgeball (see below for details on that if you registered in 2020). Membership for 2022 will open along with event registrations in mid February after we work out all the registration software kinks and ensure everyone’s previous credit codes are generated and sent out. We encourage players to book fully refundable travel arrangements as things could change at any moment due to the ever-changing COVID-19 situation.


UPDATE: Foam/Cloth event dates and locations ahve been confirmed.

Foam/Cloth Southwest event: March 5, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV

Foam/Cloth Northeast event: March 19, 2022 in Erie, PA

  • ***These events will have both men’s and women’s cloth and foam divisions. This is open to anyone and any team from any region. No coed divisions.

South Round 1: April 2, 2022 in Dallas, TX

  • Women’s No-sting
  • Open 8.5
  • Coed No-sting

West Round 1: April 9-10, 2022 in Tempe, AZ

  • Women’s Foam
  • Women’s No-sting 
  • Open 8.5
  • Open No-Sting
  • Coed No-sting (Played on Sunday)

North Round 1: April 16, 2022 in Toledo, OH

  • Women’s No-sting
  • Open 8.5 (will run concurrently with women’s divisions)
  • Open Pinch (will run concurrently with Coed No-sting)
  • Coed No-sting (will run concurrently with Open Pinch)

East Round 1: May 14, 2022 in Boston, MA

  • Women’s No-sting
  • Open 8.5
  • Coed No-sting

***all rounds are subject to adding of divisions based on venue size, date availability & demand****

Team USA Combine: May 7, 2022 in Dallas, TX

  • ***This event is stay-to-play meaning all combine invitees are required to stay at the host hotel, unless you live in Dallas, which will be announced closer to the combine.

  • Worlds - Aug. 28-Sept. 7, 2022 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Remainder of season:

  • 2 additional rounds per region with each round 3 expected to be held prior to the end of August. Currently we are working on these locations but they could change based on availability
  • South - Memphis, New Orleans
  • West - Anaheim, Seattle
  • North - Grand Rapids, Chicago
  • East - Valley Forge, Brooklyn
  • Nationals - Estimated early October 

As a reminder, all event registrations that were not refunded in 2020 will still count as credit toward future events. We will be working with our registration software, PlayPass, to generate unique coupon codes for each event registration that was canceled due to COVID. These codes will be sent to the emails used to register and can be used at a later date. They will be one time use and can be given or sold to other people if you so desire. Also, the 2020 USA Dodgeball Memberships will be extended through the end of the 2022 season. Therefore, if you registered as a member and were not refunded in 2020, you are all set. If you were not registered in 2020 or had a refund issued, you will have to sign up for a 2022 USA Dodgeball Membership ($25) in order to participate in any USA Dodgeball events or try out for Team USA. Memberships are not transferable. As mentioned previously, we are not offering refunds for 2020 registrations as we are well beyond the refund window with our registration software.

Thank you everyone for your support and understanding as we work to set up the 2022 USA Dodgeball Premier Tour. We will do our best to provide you with the best dodgeball experience yet. Stay safe, get vaccinated and respect each other out in the world.

#USADodgeball #WeAreUSADodgeball

2022 Premier Tour First Rounds

Promotion of Brendan Tickner to Executive Director for USA Dodgeball

February 12, 2020

LOS ANGELES, CA – USA Dodgeball, the governing body for dodgeball in the country, has announced the promotion of Brendan Tickner to Executive Director.

Tickner previously held the role of Brand & Marketing Committee Chair, and he was instrumental in the strategy and implementation of social media campaigns, website design, SEO, and community outreach that ultimately resulted in the organization exceeding their 2019 goals. However, his contribution to the growth and success of both USA Dodgeball and the worldwide dodgeball scene has never been isolated to the title in which he was given. Tickner’s promotion, which takes immediate effect, allows him to formally have the opportunity to use his years of insight and experience to effect change and influence decisions as a nonvoting board member on a wider range of initiatives outside those that arise in the Brand & Marketing realm.

“Brendan Tickner has worked tirelessly behind the scenes and has been essential in our growth as an organization. When things get tough, he’s there to keep us moving forward,” the USA Dodgeball eBoard says. “He doesn’t like the attention or glory but deserves to be recognized as we would not be where we are today without him.

”Tickner’s promotion comes in conjunction with a landmark year for USA Dodgeball. Fresh off a sweep on the international stage at the World Dodgeball Championships in Cancun, the organization announced the USA Dodgeball Premier Tour which will take place in 17 different cities throughout the US, and without question, Tickner will be an influential figure in the success of the organization moving forward.

Promotion of Brendan Tickner to Executive Director for USA Dodgeball

USA Dodgeball Announces First Round Dates and Locations for their Premier Tour

January 24, 2020

In their inaugural year of hosting competitive dodgeball events, athletes from across the country will travel to their respective regional round 1 events

We are incredibly excited to announce the dates and locations of the first regional rounds of the USA Dodgeball 2020 Premier Tour. The remaining rounds are still in the works and will be released as soon as they are locked in.

Round 1:

3/28/2020 – North 1: Indianapolis, Indiana

•  Divisions include: Men’s foam, Men’s cloth Women’s foam, and Women’s cloth

•  Future rounds location options: Ft. Wayne, Chicago, Toledo, Grand Rapids

3/7/2020 – South 1: Dallas, Texas

•  Divisions include: Men’s foam, Men’s cloth Women’s foam, and Women’s cloth

•  Future round location options: Tampa, Memphis, New Orleans

3/21/2020 – East 1: Boston, Massachusetts

•  Divisions include: Open 8.5, Women’s no-sting & Coed No-sting

•  Future rounds location options: Valley Forge, TBD

3/14-15/2020 – West 1: San Diego, California

•  Divisions include: Open 8.5, Open No-Sting, Women’s no-sting, Women’s Foam & Coed No-sting

•  Future round location options: Oakland, Seattle, Phoenix area

The 2020 season will take place starting in March and concluding by October at the latest. Due to the WDBF World Championships, no rounds — including nationals — will be held Labor Day weekend this year. This season features 4 events per region. Three of those events will include the typical ball types that each region is accustomed to.

There will also be one of those four rounds that is a foam & cloth-only event. For this year, each region’s foam/cloth event will be either round 1 or 2 so combine invites can be sent out in a timely manner. These events will include a men’s and women’s division for each ball type. This will provide the scouting team ample time to review their respective regions to send out combine invites for both foam & cloth.

One of the three “typical” rounds in each region will be a Grand Slam. The Grand Slam is open to any team from any region (Ex: a team from the south could play in all 4 south rounds and each of the 3 additional regional grand slams). The other rounds, including the foam/cloth round, will be exclusive to teams residing in the region.

As of now, Rounds 2-4 details are still in the works but here are the divisions planned (subject to change based on venue capacity):

Round 2:

North 2: TBD

•  Divisions include: Open 8.5, Open Pinch, Women’s no-sting, Women’s foam and Coed no-sting

South 2: TBD

•  Divisions include: Open 8.5, Women’s no-sting, Women’s foam and Coed no-sting

East 2: TBD

•  Divisions include: Men’s foam, Men’s cloth Women’s foam, and Women’s cloth

West 2: TBD

•  Divisions include: Men’s foam, Men’s cloth Women’s foam, and Women’s cloth

Round 3-4:

North 3-4: TBD

•  Divisions include: Open 8.5, Open Pinch, Women’s no-sting, Women’s foam and Coed no-sting

South 3-4: TBD

•  Divisions include: Open 8.5, Women’s no-sting, Women’s foam and Coed no-sting

East 3-4: TBD

•  Divisions include: Open 8.5, Women’s no-sting & Coed No-sting (open no-sting & women’s foam depending on venue)

West 3-4: TBD

•  Divisions include: Open 8.5, Open No-Sting, Women’s no-sting, Women’s Foam & Coed No-sting

More information to come, but here is what we can share now:

•  Registration will be individual for each player NOT team and you will be able to sign up for your 2020 USA Dodgeball

•  Membership at the same time which will continue to be a one-time $25 fee for the year.

•  Each event should have a host hotel that will be convenient for travel to the event.

•  Each team will still have to supply 2 refs per division.

2020 is looking to be an awesome year for dodgeball!

USA Dodgeball Announces First Round Dates and Locations for their Premier Tour

Team USA Wins Gold at 2019 World Dodgeball Championships

December 6, 2019

Team USA brings double gold home for USA Dodgeball at the WDBF Dodgeball World Championships for 2019

Cancun, Mexico

Team USA, in association with USA Dodgeball, the national governing body for the sport of dodgeball in the U.S., dominated with back-to-back Gold medal wins for both the women’s and men’s teams at the 2019 World Dodgeball Championships, hosted by the World Dodgeball Federation, in Cancun, Mexico over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Team USA women returned to defend their title of 2018 World Champions and did not fall short. They went undefeated all tournament with every member showcasing why they made this team, keeping gold for America for another year. Paige Peterson’s clutch plays and game winning hit and catch against Australia in semifinals even earned her the honor of tournament MVP. Captained by veteran athletes Azalea Donche and Bryanna London, the reigning Team USA women’s team defended their Gold title this year against formidable opponent Team Malaysia with a 7-5 win. This is their 4th Gold medal, having previously won in 2014, 2015, and 2018, and is one of the only teams to have medaled at every WDBF World Championships.

This is the 2nd Gold win for Team USA men’s as they fought their way up to finals to face off against defending champions Team Malaysia. Seasoned players Eric Stone and Nate Kreiter served as captains to the 12-player rostered team. The men’s team also trained long and hard and returned eager to snatch gold after a close match with Malaysia last year to take silver. While only losing to Malaysia in the round robin play, they faced off against them again for gold and were able to work as team to adapt their gameplay for a winning result and bring men’s gold back to the United States. We are very proud of all of our athletes for their hard work and determination they put in this year. Thank you to all the other member federations and teams that participated and showcased their skills. We look forward to all continuing to grow the sport together and displaying the immense athleticism, community and excitement this sport has to offer the world.

There were 11 countries able to send men’s squads and 8 countries able to send a women’s squads from all over the world, including Argentina, Norway, Italy, Mexico, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Team USA Wins Gold at 2019 World Dodgeball Championships

USA Dodgeball Announces Premier Tour and National Championships for 2020

November 8, 2019

USA Dodgeball is taking the prominent role in competitive dodgeball across the country


Los Angeles, CA

Today, we are excited to announce the establishment of the USA Dodgeball Regional Tournaments beginning in 2020. For the past several years, Elite Dodgeball Inc has been managing and hosting the highest level of competitive dodgeball in the United States. In a meeting of the Elite Dodgeball Board in October 2019 it was decided that the regional tournaments (formally known as Elite [Region] Series) would be handed over to USA Dodgeball to help create a consistent format for each region for each round. The player experience is of the upmost priority for these events moving forward. There are some exciting changes coming for the format and style of these tournaments for the 2020 season and beyond. The newly created USA Dodgeball Events Committee is comprised of those in the dodgeball community who have shown they can not only plan and run a great event, but also be flexible enough to roll with the punches and adjust to the change that is coming.

You’ve asked for it, so we’re delivering. These tournaments will continue to act as the highest level of dodgeball competition in the United States, while also creating a platform for new players to join and learn to love the sport as much as we all do. More details will follow, and we will answer all of your questions, but to quench your thirst a bit, here are some details that we are excited to share now:

•  There will continue to be four regions in the United States for competitive dodgeball (East, North, South, and West).

•  There will be four tournaments per region each season.

•  Seasons will be a couple months longer.

•  Three of the four regional tournaments will consist of only teams within that region. One of the four regional tournaments will be open to any team from any region to compete in, giving everyone the opportunity to play against teams from other regions more frequently each year. This means if your team has the desire/means, you could play in your four “home region” tournaments plus an additional three tournaments in other regions before going to Nationals.

–more details to come–

Get excited, because 2020 is going to be the best year yet.

USA Dodgeball Announces Premier Tour and National Championships for 2020