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Team USA


All players who represent USA Dodgeball on Team USA must be active members in good standing of USA Dodgeball. Skill and sportsmanship, both on and off the court, is paramount, as each player is a representative of this community and organization. Scouts selected by USA Dodgeball’s Director of Team USA are responsible for scouting talent in their respective regions as well as nationally for both men’s and women’s candidates that exhibit these characteristics.

They select and submit individuals they believe will act in accordance with the organization’s bylaws and demonstrate the necessary skill to be on the Team USA Practice Teams, where selected players will then attend practices and meetings with the team coaches. The coaching team will then select the final teams to represent USA Dodgeball at the World Dodgeball Federation’s annual World Championship and other events nationally and internationally as required. For more details on the selection process please read the Team USA Selection Guidelines.

USA Dodgeball has built an organization where talent can be discovered from every corner of the country, and where everyone can have a fair and equal opportunity to be assessed on their merit. We are looking to build a team that embodies the ideals of this organization and continue to grow this sport to its highest level.

Scouting Announcements Coming Soon

The 2022 Team USA Women’s Selection Committee

These women are all highly knowledgeable and talented individuals that have worked tirelessly to grow the sport in a way that showcases the deep talent women bring to it.

  • Kate Kerins
  • Marjan Samadi
  • Marie Garrigue
  • Nina Fiore
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The 2022 Team USA Men’s Selection Committee

These men are all highly knowledgeable and talented individuals that have helped push the sport forward in a way that promotes the sport for everyone.

  • Mark Acomb
  • Brett Furlong
  • Jeremy Lapeer
  • Frankie Giannetto
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The 2022 Team USA Combine Foam Invitees
The 2022 Team USA Combine Cloth Invitees