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World Championships

The World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF) is the international governing body for dodgeball. Member federations from around the world represent their countries as they compete for gold at the biannual World Championships.

Following the largest WDBF World Championships ever in 2022, it was announced that the World Championships would be every two years moving forward. The WDBF will continue with the expanded six divisions as the sport continues to grow. Those divisions include: Women's Foam, Men's Foam, Mixed Foam, Women's Cloth, Men's Cloth, and Mixed Cloth.

The 2024 WDBF World Championships will be held in Austria. The exact location and dates are still being decided, but check back soon for more information.

2022 World Championships Frequently Asked Questions
(Nov 2021)

***Please read. Do not reach out to board members or scouts on their personal social media accounts or emails. Please direct all questions by emailing [email protected]***

Opening word

Please understand that we are coming out of a pandemic which is affecting how we are getting this event, funding and teams together. It is not the ideal way we want to conduct things. We understand it has been hard for players to practice and play and we are going to do our best to provide you with enough time to be seen by scouts and prepare for both the combine and worlds. Understand that every federation is also operating under these conditions and, while they are not ideal, we are excited to be able to bring back a world class event. Thank you for understanding and we look forward to seeing you all on the court.

When and where will the Championships take place?

The WDBF World Championships will take place in Edmonton, Canada from August 28 to September 4, 2022.

Will there be games during the entire week?

WBDF is holding the entire week to ensure we have enough time and space for the event if necessary. A final schedule will be released in early 2022. As of now all players are expected to be in Edmonton for the entire event.

Will this be both cloth and foam?

Yes, there will be full divisions for both cloth and foam.

What are the divisions?

For both cloth and foam, the divisions will be Men, Women, and Mixed. Six divisions in total. USA Dodgeball currently intends to submit a team for all six divisions. We are still determining how the coed team selection process will work and our decision will be influenced by the event schedule.

Mixed teams are a 3/3 male/female identifying ratio.

Who can try out for Team USA?

Everyone who wants to try out for Team USA must be a registered USA Dodgeball member by April, 2022 (Players who registered in 2020 and did not request a refund have had their membership extended until the end of 2022. Players are to uphold the USA Dodgeball Code of Conduct that is signed when you register for USA Dodgeball Membership. Scouts will be watching for this at tournaments and how you conduct yourself online in addition to the skills and teamwork demonstrated on the court. 

How do I try out for Team USA?

Please click the link to submit an application to try out. Our scouting team will be submitting names for those they intend to invite to a Combine, where the teams will ultimately be chosen. ***Pestering or harassing scouts or board members may result in disqualification for consideration from Team USA***

Who are the Scouts?

At this time, our scouting team has not been confirmed. We will announce scouts and coaches once we have confirmed their availability.

Where can the scouts see me play?

We are currently finalizing our locations for 2022. We are planning to have events that will have foam and cloth divisions where scouts will be present. Scouts will also consider Dodgeball IQ and skills that may be transferable across divisions. We encourage you to play anywhere and everywhere.

When and where is the Combine?

The Combine is intended to be held in late April or early May in Dallas, Texas. Players will be required to stay in the host hotel for the event (stay to play).

What is the current status of potential rule changes and standardization between cloth and foam rules?

A WDBF committee has been pulled together with the goal of completing its recommendations by January 25, 2022.

Will there be any requirement for travel and accommodations?

Due to the substantial funding being provided by the City of Edmonton, we are requiring players and teams to use the WDBF selected hotels for the duration of their stay.

Will funding be available for travel and accommodations?

Players are expected to fund their trip including airfare, hotel and jerseys. Fundraising efforts will be made to help subsidize the cost and will be paid out after the event or put directly towards uniforms.

Will full COVID-19 vaccinations be required?

We will be following national protocols and sporting best practices. USA Dodgeball will require full vaccination to attend the combine and therefore the World Championships. At this time, it is likely proof of full vaccination will be required for travel to Canada.

WDBF Press Release

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