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USA Dodgeball Premier Tour - Denver

CU Denver Wellness & Recreation Services


Jul 8, 2023 8:00 AM

Jul 9, 2023 8:00 PM

1355 12th Street Denver, CO 80204

Welcome to the Denver Round of the USA Dodgeball Premier Tour for 2023!

This is a two-day tournament taking place on July 8-9 in Denver, CO featuring Open Foam, Women's Foam, Open No Sting, Women's No Sting, and Mixed No Sting divisions. This is open to anyone and any team from any region.


Open Foam
Women's Foam
Open No Sting
Women's No Sting
Mixed No Sting

*Intermediate divisions will be available for Open Foam, Open No Sting, and Mixed No Sting

Venue Address:

University of Colorado Denver - Salazar Student Wellness Center

1355 12th Street

Denver, CO 80204

Host Hotel:


Tournament Director:

Sean McMahon

Contact - Alfred Kwon ([email protected])


Each player must be a USA Dodgeball member and register individually ($40) per division prior to the tournament. Deadline for registrations is July 5, 2023. Every member of your team must register themselves. You must have 6 players registered in order to secure your team spot.

All spots are first come first serve. Space is limited. Each team must provide 2 refs per team to ref per division and referees will be required to pass a rules test.


USA Dodgeball Premier Tour Rules & Regulations Version 1.0.1

Closer to the event we will announce the following:

  • Tournament schedule for the day and Round Robin schedules for each division
Will there be a Team USA Dodgeball Scout in attendance?

We will have a scout or representative of each gender (which may or may not be publicly announced) in attendance to report to the scouting committee at this event, so be on your best behavior and show us what you got! Just because there is no foam or cloth doesn’t mean we aren’t observing your dodgeball IQ or sportsmanship.

When will the next rounds be announced?

We have many people working to secure a venue for the remaining rounds and will be announced as they are finalized. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you understand that we are working hard to pump out info as it is ready and not keeping secrets. Coming back this year has been difficult, growing pains are real, and we appreciate the patience you’ve had with us as we work through them in this first actual year of events.

How can I help USA Dodgeball with this event or others?

On the day of the tournament please reach out to the tournament director and ask how you can help. We always appreciate good attitudes and helpful people. Please contact us by email at [email protected] if you wish to help beyond the day-of.

What will the rules be for the new events?

We have had a fantastic team of volunteers helping put in place rules and formats for our new events. We have published a rule set and highlighted any differences from previously established rule sets so it will be easy for players to know what is new and/or different. All divisions will be using USA Dodgeball rules, regardless of ball type. We encourage all players to always read and familiarize yourself with the rules (also on our website)

What will the prizes be for winning each division?

This year each rostered player on the first-place team of every division will receive a $40 individual credit to use for future registration. The prize will be the same regardless of how many players or teams are registered for the event. The prizes will always be the same for men & women’s divisions.

What will the ref compensation be?

Each team must provide 2 refs. Those refs will be paid with a $20 credit code for future use with USAD and expected to ref all the way up until the round after they are eliminated. Refs who refuse to ref, disappear or clearly do not know the rules may be subject to their payment being forfeit.

Why a coupon code?

As a 501(c)3, paying out cash to players would require us to track every single player that is paid and submit for tax purposes. It would also require players to claim these on their taxes. By using coupons and credits, we avoid having to do excess paperwork but avoid any delays in “payouts” as refs and winners will be able to receive their winnings more quickly.

Will the refs need to take a test?

While we plan to implement a ref test, we unfortunately have not had time to create and implement this practice. Every ref should be reading the rules, especially since there are changes they are expected to know.

What will the prizes be for winning each division? Are these rules set in stone?

No, but they are what we are using as we monitor and change things. We had a large group of players and refs review these for any issues. We are attempting to make rules that work for the large majority and enhance how events are run so that everyone’s experience is better. We will be vigilant in identifying opportunities for improvement and will ensure than any future changes are clearly communicated.

How do standings work this season?

Standing will not be formally tracked this season and we are all trying to bring dodgeball back after a long break. We will consider having regional standing in the future. In addition, there will be no automatic placement into brackets for nationals.

When and where is Nationals?

Nationals will be in October 2023. We are looking at the first and third weekends but ultimately the venue availability will determine when. Location wise we have 3 cities under review and are trying to find a place that can accommodate the size of the event and is also affordable and easy to travel to.

When is the Team USA Combine

The combine is going to be May 7-8, 2022 in TBD. The reason for the foam/cloth rounds and the combine being sooner than normal is that coming back from a pandemic and going into worlds much earlier than normal is a lot, and also we have to pick a foam AND cloth team, men & women & coed. After this year, the world championships will be every two years, giving us more time to space things out. 2024 will have more prep time involved and less conflicts. Thank you for rolling with the punches on this and much of the WDBF planning has to accommodate all the countries so there’s only so much we can control

What is next?

As we launch these events you will hopefully see them grow as we grow. It will take time to create and put everything in place that we want to. The pandemic was a roadblock we didn’t expect and were never sure when it would actually end. We are confident that you enjoy being back on the court and we will see improvement over the next few events and through nationals. We value your feedback and cannot grow without you! Thank you for your patience and understanding and we all come back to the court.